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Back again, Graveyard Shift Hazy IPA now available in cans!

Graveyard Shift Hazy IPA was our very first hazy IPA. It was released January 2018, a time when we weren’t sure whether the hazy craze would stick – but we knew we had to make one.

There’s a common but untrue story on the origin of Graveyard Shift:

“There are a lot of stories about how people in the past were terrified of being buried alive and thus, they installed bells on their graves, so if they woke up after burial, their rings would be heard, and they could be dug up and saved. The stories go on to say that people would be employed to stay at the graveyard overnight, in case these bells started ringing and thus, they would work a "graveyard shift." If they found someone ringing, that person would be "saved by the bell" and be a "dead ringer," meaning that they looked just like a dead person, but were actually alive.”

Unfortunately the real origin is not as exciting and was just that during midnight to 8am, workplaces were lonely and spooky just like graveyards. We know from firsthand experience how cold and lonely the graveyard shift can be - we have brewed, cleaned tanks, and babysat beer and other busted equipment through the night at the brewery on several occasions.

Graveyard Shift has a grain bill of mostly 2-row, vienna, and white wheat. The hops in the boil are Millennium, Mosaic, and Sorachi ace. The double dryhop (DDH) consists of Mosaic, Cashmere, Sorachi Ace. Fun fact: Did you know most of our beers are DDH before it was even a thing? When enjoying this beer, pay special attention to the aromas from the mosaic hops, they are complex and pronounced consisting of a fruit cocktail of peach, mango, lime, and orange. This is backed by cashmere which has hints of lemon and lime and sorachi ace which carries a lemony pepper aroma. The bright color and citrus aromatics of Graveyard Shift IPA celebrates the brightness of the dawn after a long night.

In the age of “can or die” of course we had to put this one in a can for the first time with a brand-new label. Generally we’ve made it our mission to put all of our favorites into 16oz cans whenever possible. If you have a habit of following along with our can releases, we’ve got quite a few treats lined up in the coming months.

The label reads -

“We breathed new life into one of our original hazy IPA recipes with a killer new hop bill. This super bright hazy IPA radiates tropical & floral aromas and drips with flavors of pineapple & mango with a big ol’ juicy body. Brewed on hallowed ground at Epidemic Ales, canned fresh, & distributed for drinking under a full moon, the crack of dawn and any time in between.”

This label has our signature red ripped banner across the top as each label always does. We also like to put a little spin each time on the certified independent craft logo. This one is red/pink and adorned by a cross. The label is a mix of a dark forest scene at twilight and an old graveyard with gravestones strewn about, they may have once been lined up perfectly but time has given it a haphazard look. You’ll also notice a zombie horde dancing through the graveyard. In the background is a symphony of colors splashing down, reminiscent of an effervescent night sky.

The label has an “Easter Egg”. Normally something like this is meant to be discovered. However we’re so excited about it we couldn’t leave it out of this post. Did you already see it? Try looking at it upside down. If you’re talented enough to do a handstand in front of your screen, we’ll wait. See it now?

Ok, here’s the spoiler --->

Pretty cool right? There’s a joke going around from our staff that suggested we pack 2 of the 4 cans upside down in a 4 pack holder so everyone can see the alternating worlds. Not a bad idea! Haha.

Enjoy a pint or pick up a 4-pack in the taproom starting Thursday March 25th. Reminder we also ship anywhere to California from our online store:

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