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A collaboration brew with Four Legs Brewing, Brentwood CA.

This brew is benefiting the Shriners Hospitals for Children and was organized by the Livermore Craft Beer Foundation (LVCBF). Pick up a WeCanCollab party pack using the link below and join in on the festivities on May 16th.

Our Head Brewer Shawn Hammer of Epidemic Ales and Kyle McGarry, Head Brewer of Four Legs Brewing collaborated to brew Rude Dog Hazy IPA. It is releasing in the Epidemic Ales taproom on Friday May 7th, on tap and in 4pks. Shawn and Kyle have really outdone themselves on this brew, it’s so freaking floral and has big juicy berry and sticky citrus notes that are amazingly refreshing. You’re going to have to taste it for yourself! OG Tacos will be on-site 3pm-8:30pm serving up their ridiculously delicious quesabirria tacos.

The text on the label reads:

“Sit, stay, & enjoy our hazy IPA collaboration by the good boys at Epidemic Ales & Four Legs Brewing who were in the mood to brew rude. Stick your nose in and enjoy the big zesty citrus aromas. Then howl over the pleasantly soft body and tasty flavors of pine & berry from a refreshing combo of Idaho 7, Amarillo, & Simcoe cryo dry hops for the freshest bestest hazy boy!”

The label is a throwback to the late eighties, when skater culture and ska music were everywhere and cascading shapes and pastel colors were all anyone needed for a good time. Some have said the dog featured prominently in the center of the label reminded them of an edgier, tattooed-up Spuds MacKenzie.

We have our own four-legged wiener dog Cosmo that some of you have met at the brewery. When he’s not busy barking at staff, he’s most likely napping in the office. He’s our own Rude Dog and we love to joke about him being rude but still getting all the pets and snacks from our employees (who really do like him).

We caught up with Four Legs Head Brewer Kyle and asked him a few questions.

What’s Four Legs Brewing’s origin?

I met (future Four Legs Brewery owners) Eric and Michelle Bacher years ago when I worked at Black Diamond Brewery (located in Concord, now closed). I kept up with them over the years and they reached out to me when they were looking to start a brewery in Brentwood. I was working at Morgan Territory in Tracy when the opportunity came up to be head brewer and help to build out a new brewery at what would become Four Legs Brewing. I love the Morgan Territory crew- it was the hardest job I ever had to leave.


How long did it take everything to materialize?

The brewery was in the planning stages for 3+ years. Our brewing equipment arrived on Nov 3, 2020 during the pandemic, and we were pretty much dialed in by Feb and March 2021. The pandemic pushed out build out time and tank and brewhouse manufacturing around 2-3 months.


What inspired the name?

It was inspired by the owner’s blue nose pit bull named Cash. We’re all dog people at the brewery - we all enjoy craft beer and pooches. We even started making spent grain dog cookies as an experiment.


Why Did Four Legs Choose to Open in Brentwood?

We all kinda saw it as an unserved city in need of an addition to the craft beer scene.

(Kyle lives in Brentwood with his wife and their 2 children) I like being local, knowing my customers, and being close to home to spend time with my family. It’s a shorter commute and I get the opportunity to run my own shop. Even though I am closer to home and I love being head brewer, I probably put in more hours than I did at any other job.


What are your production goals?

I would love to be at 4000 bbls/year, distributed locally, just really hitting the 3 local bordering counties. I definitely want to have distribution throughout our own backyard. As far as future brew styles - I want to be fairly diverse, pale ale heavy, and I would love to have a sour program if I end up with space for barrels.


How did you get into brewing?

I was a super green extract home brewer when my brother-in-law was a sales rep at Black Diamond, and they brought me in as production/cellar/bartender. I was at Black Diamond for 3 years then spent 2 years at EJ Phair, where I worked with Shawn Hammer, then spent 2 years at Morgan Territory.


What’s something stupid you’ve done over the years while working in the brewing industry that you learned not to do?

What was something stupid I used to do? (Laughs) I actually had really killer teachers that taught me to do everything cold side. They always said “Measure everything, sanitize everything and be careful.”


What’s your favorite style to brew?

I love making malty beers. The smells are just better. There’s nothing like the smell of a brown ale or amber in your brewery. Or a stout mash, it’s my favorite style.


What kind of beers would you like to see more of?

In the industry as a whole, I’d selfishly to love to see more English beers.


What’s coming up for Four Legs Brewing- what should fans be excited about?

Batch #10 – Single hop IPA is coming down the pipe, along with an unfiltered West Coast, and an ESB. We’re also canning everything. I never thought we’d go to cans as an industry. But cans can travel, and they are impervious to light.


What’s something you’re a big stickler on?

Sanitization, cleaning, and note taking. Heavy note taking. Measure everything, and keep a killer brew log. Measure measure measure.


Tell us about your first brew at Four Legs?

I did an Oatmeal stout first because our RO (reverse osmosis) water tanks were running late, and the natural water profile in Brentwood really lends itself to darker styles.


What are some of your hobbies?

When I have the time, playing harmonica and guitar. I like to play blues music.


Fun Facts

We’ve got a lot of history with Kyle - he worked at Black Diamond Brewing when we first opened Epidemic Ales, then at EJ Phair with our Head Brewer Shawn when he was 22 and just starting out in the brewing industry. If you’ve had an East Bay brewed beer in the last 7 years, chances are one or both of these brewers helped brew, can, keg, pour, deliver or serve it for you! They’ve both come a long way, starting at the bottom and now are both Head Brewers!


We’re excited for Kyle and Four Legs Brewing!

Four Legs Brewing is open now, located at 2010 Elkins Way, Brentwood CA

Four Legs Brewing Taproom hours:

Wednesday: 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Thursday: 4:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Friday: 3:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Saturday: 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM

Sunday: 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM

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